Compliance Never Rests

As we approach the end of the year and thoughts turn to holiday-period activities that are planned (or the panic sets in for the unplanned), we always feel that it is relevant to remind everyone that compliance is a 24/7/365 activity.

Whether it is in the:

  • Shopping centre and retail trade that expects their largest revenuemonths between October and December,
  • Hospitals that see to patients all year round,
  • Entire buildings and office parks that close over the holiday period,

Compliance remains completely necessary! The ramifications of non-compliance could be dire for the property owners and tenants alike.

Here we focus on two examples:

  1. If a hospital, shopping centre, business park and tenants within a building are not fully compliant, Council can close these places of trade without notice and issue a hefty fine!

    The financial impact will be massive and it is unlikely to be recovered in time, given the process that Council follows in order to approve applications.

  1. If an empty building has an electrical failure and is severely damaged, with no one around to resolve the issue rapidly, insurance claims may not be honoured by the insurer if you cannot produce your Certificate of Occupancy – another massive financial implication and heaven forbid, loss of life.

Council itself runs on a skeleton staff over the holiday period, and we at Runners Inc. & Partners find it imperative to ensure that all outstanding compliance matters are either resolved or at least commenced by Novemberof each year at the very latest.

This way, applications are recorded at Council and certain trade operations can still continue with a level of assurance that the substantial risk of financial impact has been removed.

Runners Inc. and Partners are consciously aware of these timelines and risk factors, and keeping our clients informed is there for a top priority for us.

Our project management system is App enabled so that you can track the progress of your applications and have access to your documents and approvals at the click of a button.

So, while you are taking time out for a well-deserved vacation or keeping the lights on at work, you can remain informed.

We welcome any opportunity to engage with you to further discuss how we assist with your council compliance.

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