Building Development Compliance Health Score – Would you pass?

The spotlight is shining ever more brightly on building compliance and regulations in South Africa. It’s hard to believe that it has been a short year since 3 brave fire fighters perished in the bank of Lisbon fire in central Jo’burg. This building was deemed to be 21% compliant!

So, what can we do better as business owners and responsible members of society in general? We need to breed a culture of compliance through education and awareness of land use and building regulations!

Compliance, as defined, is simple! It’s making sure you follow the rules. What isn’t always simple is the interpretation of by-laws and council procedures in order to follow the rules.  A key component to any well-run organizations is to reduce their risk of liability and this is where Runners Inc. & Partners will add considerable value to your business.

As town and regional planners and council compliance experts, we offer the following niche services.

  • Due diligence on compliance health for property portfolios
    • Land Use Compliance (Town Planning)
    • Building Compliance, Permits & Certificates
    • Historical data and document capture
  • Cloud-based integration platform that can restrict & grant viewer access
  • Partners Vetted Vendor database for remedial work – click here to register as a vendor

Our holistic approach to the built environment is what enables us to advise our clients in a consultative manner whilst simultaneously providing innovative solutions to good governance.

Our cloud-based project management system (APP enabled), allows us to accurately and efficiently gather and deliver information, news, and insight, ensuring clients achieve their goals.

Watch the video below on how the platform works.

Boxed solutions for the industries that we service (click for more info)

  Shopping Centre & Tenant Compliance
  Legal & Municipal, Property Brokers
  Outdoor – Advertising and events
  Property & Fund Managers, Compliance officers Toolbox

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