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Legislated compliance requirements.

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town planning services

All applications across the town planning spectrum.

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building control environment

Facilitation of plans approvals, permits and occupancy.

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Heritage applications

Applications related to buildings that are older than 60 years of age.

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municipal applications

Bulk connections; Lodgements; Disputes; Refunds and Account t Closing.

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complete plans printing hub

Highly competitive rates on all plans printing and courier services for client convenience.

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Leaving a Lasting Legacy

True business pain isn’t a problem where the solution is a nice-to-have. It’s a budgeted, pull-your-hair-out, have-to-get-it-solved, discussed-at-the-board-level kind of problem. Business pain points affects a company’s bottom line and must be solved in order for them to grow and function successfully.Our holistic approach to the built environment is what enables us to advise our clients in a consultative manner whilst simultaneously providing innovative solutions to good governance. Our cloud-based project management system (APP enabled), allows us to accurately & efficiently gather and deliver information, news and insight, ensuring clients achieve their goals.


"Great things in Business are never done by 1 person." Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

estelle scott

Chief Executive Officer
The challenges within council has taught me to remain resilient, agile and informed. We seek to change the council approvals narrative, creating sustainable impact through our advisory services and female empowerment.

Selaelo Kganakga

Senior Town & Regional Planner
Selaelo’s significant exposure in statutory planning/land use management, as well as various housing developments, has equipped her with immense knowledge. She has been given the responsibility to grow the Statutory Planning Division to compliment our Compliance Division.

Corne Cooks

Council Consultant
Corne’s experience in logistical challenges makes her the ideal person to ensure that everything is running on track out in the field.

Annie Mampane

Office Administration
Annie’s ability to learn and assist clients has made her an invaluable member of the team, ensuring our administration function runs smoothly.


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